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Guardian, by Spectrum Labs

Guardian’s moderation queue, analytics dashboard and automation builder gives you the power to identify and easily respond to alarming behaviors.

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Knowing what’s going on in your community is essential to keep it healthy. Our context-sensing technology correctly identifies behaviors across languages and content types. Guardian’s moderation dashboard displays issues holistically, and in a customizable order.

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In Control

Guardian’s automation builder makes it possible to enforce your guidelines thoughtfully and consistently, at scale. You configure nuanced responses to behaviors. You decide what actions, if any, are automated.    

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Guardian’s analytics dashboard displays your overall community health metrics, like behavior prevalence rates, in an easy to share format. You see what's happening, when it happens: with total transparency for actionable insight.


Trust & Safety teams worldwide trust Guardian.

Request a demo of Guardian to see how you can quickly, easily and confidently maintain the health of your online community. With Guardian you get:

  • Service level agreements for performance 
  • Onsite engineering resources for implementation 
  • Dedicated, ongoing client services support


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