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Protect your buyers and sellers from harmful practices

Spectrum Labs uses AI to help online marketplaces remove spam and financial scams that threaten their user experience and reduce platform revenue.
Protecting USER EXPERIENCE for

Accurately detect sophisticated threats

As the world shifts toward e-commerce, peer-to-peer marketplaces struggle to protect their users from scams, spam, illegal solicitation, and other toxic behaviors.

Spectrum Labs helps online marketplaces maintain users’ trust by addressing threats in real time. 



Spammers use malicious tools and methods to get around safeguards. Since spam is a money-making enterprise, it often has its own funded infrastructure of employees and AI technology to circumvent anti-spam measures.

Combating spam requires Contextual AI that can learn from subtle behavior patterns to detect spammers. Spectrum Labs draws from one of the largest data vaults in the AI space of user-generated content, and we’re constantly updating our solutions to stay ahead of spammers.

Spectrum Labs handles the heavy lifting of fighting spam, so your platform doesn’t have to divert engineering resources toward anti-spam efforts.

Remove Spam

“Online shopping scams were in the top 5 reported to the FTC in 2019.” (1)


Offline Transactions

Spectrum Labs’ own research shows that 5% of all marketplace transactions are taken offline. The resulting revenue loss is significant, as are the safety risks for users.

By using sophisticated Contextual AI, Spectrum Labs can detect direct messages that are diverting traffic off your platform – even by bad actors who are intentionally trying to avoid detection.

With Spectrum Labs’ user-level moderation, you can ban the small percentage of users who are responsible for the majority of illicit behavior on your platform.

Reduce Offline Transactions
“Typically we’ve seen less than 1% of users create over 50% of all spam content on social, metaverse and messaging platforms.”
HILL STARK, PHD Head of Data Analytics

Illegal Solicitations

Illegal solicitations on marketplaces range from sex-trafficking to weapons to drugs and even exotic animals.

Spectrum Labs can identify these illicit transactions and any other types of solicitation you would like to prevent.

Prevent Illegal Solicitation

As Facebook has experienced, it is challenging to keep up with tactics used to get around guidelines. (2)

Parmy Olson

Scale Your Content Moderation

Use positive behavior to drive retention

Just as negative user behavior can impact your retention and growth numbers, positive user behavior can drive them in the right direction.
Amplify can help.

It’s the first-ever AI tool that allows product teams to dynamically pair helpful users with new visitors to optimize user retention and engagement without changing in-app design or mechanics.


Fuel retention and revenue

Amplify connects your platform’s highest-rated users with new visitors to create more positive user experiences. It is the first-ever retention AI tool able to detect and boost positive behavior that fuels retention, engagement, and revenue.

Amplify has already helped a pilot client with a metaverse platform increase their average revenue per user (ARPU) by +12% within the first 4 weeks of implementation.

Fuel User Retention

Promote healthy user behavior

Amplify is the only solution that offers 360-degree analytics into your community (the bad and the good!), so you can isolate toxicity and spread positivity.

Using contextual AI, Amplify activates existing users to increase retention by recognizing and rewarding healthy behavior. These positive interactions can optimize retention and ARPU and create a more engaging and enjoyable platform — and a safer community.

Promote Healthy Behavior

In Spectrum Labs, we have a partner who is in the trenches with us…we're seeing great results and know our players will experience a significant positive impact on the safety, health, and enjoyment of our games.

Weszt Hart Head of Player Dynamics


Spectrum Labs was extremely easy to integrate. We were up and running in a few days.

Michelle Kennedy CEO and Founder

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