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How We Protect Your Buyers and Sellers

Spectrum helps marketplaces detect and prevent behavior that harms their buyers and sellers. Today’s peer-to-peer online marketplaces move billions of dollars of merchandise every year. Marketplace revenues are expected to double by 2022. Harassment, illegal solicitations, scams, and fraud in marketplaces create bad buying experiences and negatively effect revenue.

Offline Transactions

Spectrum’s own research revealed 5% of all marketplace transactions are taken offline. This model identifies attempts to transact off platform.

Illegal Solicitations

Drugs and weapons are sold online everyday. This model recognizes attempts to buy or sell illegal drugs or weapons.


Fraudulent requests for money related to a purchase can trick experienced shoppers. This model detects attempts to scam another person.

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The Spectrum Labs Advantage

Real-Time Action

Threats can be introduced to your community, and your revenue stream, in a blink of an eye. Your own recommendation algorithms can popularize problematic content. Spectrum operates in real time to smoothly and quickly stop inappropriate behavior.

Evolving AI

A model is only as good as the data it's built on. It only gets better with consistent feedback. Our extensive library of trained models and classifiers are constantly updated with a wide range of trusted data sets.

Resources for Marketplace Safety

Throughout the year we examine interesting topics related to Trust & Safety at e-commerce marketplaces. These explorations help you build a deeper base of knowledge to better serve their communities.



Every year, on February 11th, the world celebrates #SaferInternetDay. It is a chance for us to evaluate what we’ve done to make marketplaces safer, and what we're looking to do in the future.

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