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Protect your dating app against illegal conduct

Spectrum Labs helps online dating platforms keep toxic and illegal behavior away while encouraging healthy interactions.
Protecting billions of users

Removing harmful behavior
from online dating

Online dating connects more than 300 million people around the globe.

But illegal behaviors like sex solicitation, underage users, and sexual harassment can bring legal trouble and shut down your dating platform.

Spectrum Labs provides AI-powered content moderation solutions for dating apps to create safe environments where healthy connections can thrive.


Offering or Soliciting Prostitution

Without proper safeguards, dating apps can be exploited to buy or sell sex and other illegal transactions.

Spectrum Labs helps dating apps detect illicit solicitations of drugs, sex, child sex abuse materials (CSAM), and other illegal content that is toxic for users and a legal risk for your business.

User-level moderation from Spectrum Labs helps Trust & Safety teams find the small percentage of users who engage in the majority of illegal conduct, and action them at scale. 

Prevent Solicitation

“1% of all users created 63% of all Solicitation of Sex Messages on a top-ten dating app platform.”

Hill Stark, PHD Head of Data Analytics

Underage Users

Minors regularly attempt to bypass age requirements and join dating apps. Matching underage users with unaware adults can have devastating consequences – and new legal regulations have placed the responsibility of age verification on platforms.

Spectrum Labs is uniquely positioned to help dating apps prevent minors from joining through its Contextual AI technology and community partners.

Stop Underage Users


Allowing users to personalize their usernames is a great way to help connect your community. However, some flout guidelines and create toxic usernames.

Spectrum Labs customers see a 150% increase in their detection of abusive usernames with 97% precision.

Username Moderation

“We turned to Spectrum Labs to algorithmically moderate names and stream descriptions across our communities, and we saw dramatic and instant improvement.”

Geoff cook CEO The Meet Group

Scale Your Content Moderation

Use positive behavior to drive retention

Just as negative user behavior can impact your retention and growth numbers, positive user behavior can drive them in the right direction.
Amplify can help.

It’s the first-ever AI tool that allows product teams to dynamically pair helpful users with new visitors to optimize user retention and engagement without changing in-app design or mechanics.


Fuel retention and

Amplify connects your platform’s highest-rated users with new visitors to create more positive user experiences. It is the first-ever retention AI tool able to detect and boost positive behavior that fuels retention, engagement, and revenue.

Amplify has already helped a pilot client with a metaverse platform increase their average revenue per user (ARPU) by +12% within the first 4 weeks of implementation.

Fuel User Retention

Promote healthy user behavior

Amplify is the only solution that offers 360-degree analytics into your community (the bad and the good!), so you can isolate toxicity and spread positivity.

Using contextual AI, Amplify activates existing users to increase retention by recognizing and rewarding healthy behavior. These positive interactions can optimize retention and ARPU and create a more engaging and enjoyable platform — and a safer community.

Promote Healthy Behavior

With Spectrum's Guardian content moderation product, we've been able to protect 25,000 more users per day from unwanted - sometimes illegal - messages.

Alice Hunsberger Vice President of CX

Alice Grindr

Overnight I saw a 50% reduction in manual moderation of display names.

Geoff Cook CEO

geoff cook tmg

Learn more about how Guardian can scale your moderation and how Amplify can boost your platform’s retention and revenue