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How We Protect Your Members

You’ve built an extraordinary dating app that helps members find each other, whether it is for a night or for life. Unfortunately, there are people out there who would rather scam, harass, and threaten than make a meaningful connection. Our context-sensing technology helps you identify bad behaviors as they unfold, across multiple languages and gives you the power to take action.

Underage Users

Minors aren’t allowed on dating apps. But, it's hard to keep up with all the ways they can outwit your safeguards. This is where our context-sensing technology shines - only by looking at the full picture can you really tell who’s who. Our dating app customers use our Underage Users solution to identify and prevent minors from joining.

Sex Solicitation

The same features that make your dating app easy for people to use make it easy for people to use it to buy and sell sex. But, how can you tell the difference between solicitation and flirtation? Simple, by examining context. Our technology absorbs contextual information so dating apps can confidently comply with FOSTA-SESTA.

Sexual Harassment

Sometimes interactions turn ugly and endearing persistence can become harassment. The line between these behaviors is hard to find, until you examine context. Our dating app customers are able to detect sexual harassment and take action to protect members. 

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The Spectrum Labs Advantage 

Worry-free Global Expansion

You want your dating app to take the world by storm. With Spectrum, you can welcome multiple languages into the fold quickly and be confident your community guidelines will be upheld across languages.

Absolute Privacy & Security

You’re collecting highly sensitive data and take your responsibility for security seriously. Our deployment options help you maintain your commitments to data privacy and security.

Trust & Safety for Dating Apps

People don't join Dating Apps to be harassed, scammed or assaulted, but it happens. 

We have a solution.
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Resources for Dating App Safety

Throughout the year we examine interesting topics related to Trust & Safety at dating apps. These explorations help you build a deeper base of knowledge to better serve their communities.



Every year, on February 11th, the world celebrates #SaferInternetDay. It is a chance for us to evaluate what we’ve done to make dating apps safer, and what we're looking to do in the future. 

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Human Trafficking

It is a sad reality that dating apps are used to facilitate trafficking. But, there is hope. We explore what dating apps can do to prevent traffickers from using their features to find, groom and exploit victims. 

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