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Content Moderation and Trust and Safety Resources

Helping businesses build vibrant communities.

It's what we do, and we think about it - a lot! Check out our resources below for insight into content moderation, Trust and Safety, and important issues and trends that are affecting us all. 

Boost User Retention by
Promoting Healthy &
Positive Behaviors

Every lost customer requires two new conversions: one to replace the individual who left and one to continue to grow. When promoting healthy & positive behaviors - you're utilizing a proactive approach to boost your reputation, retention, and ARPU among users. Read the white paper to learn more. 

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Let's Get Serious About Ending Cyberbullying

With 36% of youth experiencing cyberbullying at some point in life, technology is being looked upon increasingly to solve the problem. This white paper discusses the complications behind spotting it and the technological advances that are putting more power in the hands of platform moderators to control it. 

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Driving Positive Behavior in Online Platforms

Detecting positive behaviors can have the same impact on user retention, user experience, and the bottom line as detecting and removing toxic behavior. Download the white paper to learn how to define and detect positive behavior, and the tools to start rewarding your users.

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Driving  Positive Behavior  in Online Platforms
Developong & Operationalizing Policy


Developing & Operationalizing Policy

Developing policy creates a foundation for trust and safety teams to make content moderation decisions against toxic behavior. Download the white paper to learn more.

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LGBTQ+ | Celebrating Diversity; Safeguarding Inclusivity

In this white paper, learn about the challenges of protecting the LGBQT+ community on your platform, the impact on the community when new laws are passed, and how to use technology and people to detect users sending hate speech, insults, harassing messages, and cyberbullying to the LGBQT+ community.

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LGBTQ+ Whitepaper
spam white paper

Spam: A Scourge That Hurts But Can Be Controlled

Spam is an even larger problem than the 100 billion spam email messages that are sent every day. Spam also affects online platforms with profiles, posts, comments, reviews, and chats with spam detours and spam disruptions. Read this white paper to learn how to detect and mitigate spam.

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Managing Hate Speech and Extremism on Your Platform

Hate Speech on platforms has the potential to escalate to extremist behavior on and offline but Trust & Safety teams need to overcome many challenges to be able to detect Hate Speech accurately. This whitepaper covers effective methods for detecting and removing Hate Speech and Extremism from your online community.

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Whitepaper Managing Hate Speech and Extremism on Your Platform
Increasing use of audio

The Increasing Use of Audio Whitepaper

Voice and audio chat communication is becoming more popular on user platforms, but there isn't much research and development behind moderating audio or voice. Download the whitepaper to learn best practices for starting audio moderation, the tools to use, and policies to be aware of.

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Getting Started with Trust & Safety Whitepaper

Trust and safety can be a new department for new or growing companies, so where do you begin to build trust and safety at your company? Download this whitepaper to learn how to build trust and safety from day one.

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Making the case for trust and safety

Making the Case for Trust & Safety Whitepaper

Trust and safety can be a revenue driver for your company but it isn't always seen that way. Download the whitepaper to learn best practices for building a case for trust and safety in your company and the metrics to use to track its success.

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Stop Human Trafficking Whitepaper 

Perpetrators of human trafficking are exploiting vulnerable people throughout the world, and they are using online platforms to do it. Download the whitepaper to learn how DeliverFund and Spectrum Labs are working together to combat the online human trafficking.

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Protecting Underage Users on the Internet Whitepaper

As your company grows, it is inevitable that children will be on your platform, and it is the companies responsibility to understand how to protect them on it. Download the whitepaper to learn about the laws and tools needed to protect underage users on your platform.

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What is Doxxing, and Why Does It Matter?

Download the eBook to learn more about doxxing: the unauthorized release of private information with the intent to do harm.

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How to Evaluate a Trust and Safety Vendor

Technology plays a critical role in preventing harmful behaviors, like radicalization, hate speech, and CSAM grooming, from happening on your platform. Discover how to find the right trust and safety company. 

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Trust and Safety Alignment, a Whole Company Opportunity

Trust and Safety doesn't belong to a single department: it is an opportunity for the entire company to align on goals and contribute to improving the user experience. Get the whitepaper and learn more about the importance of collaboration and how to create alignment at your company. 

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online child safety whitepaper

Online Child Safety Whitepaper

Keeping children safe on the internet is an enormous concern, for parents, platforms, and regulators. But are current regulations making progress toward that goal? Learn more in our whitepaper.

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Cyberbullying eBook

Cyberbullying is a complicated issue: taking place over a variety of mediums and with constantly evolving tactics, which are difficult to manage.

Often, cyberbullying is situational or contextual; meaning that traditional tools like keyword or RegEx filters can be ineffective. Learn how to prevent cyberbullying on your platform in our eBook.

Cyberbullying Prevention
cyberbullying eBook cover

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Contextual AI Solution Guide

When traditional moderation solutions don't work, and your team can't keep up with the volume, what can you do? Consider contextual AI: content moderation that can read context for accurate identification and response to inappropriate behaviors.

Contextual AI Solution Guide

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Trust & Safety
Assessment Guide

To improve Trust and Safety you must understand current processes: what is working, what is not, and how to improve results. Learn how to assess Trust and Safety initiatives in our eBook.

Trust & Safety Assessment Guide


The State of Trust & Safety Today

Trust and Safety is becoming more complex and at the same time, more important in the eyes of the industry, the media, and regulatory bodies. Online platforms struggle with preventing behavior that violates community guidelines. Learn more about the state of Trust and Safety today in our guide. 

The State of Trust & Safety
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Adapting to Covid-19

The recent pandemic changed so many things: including online Trust and Safety. Learn how you can adapt your Trust & Safety strategies to change along with the online environment.

Adapting Trust and Safety


Data Labeling Whitepaper

Data labeling is a primary concern for online platforms, but it is difficult to manage in a complex environment. Learn how you can improve data labeling practices at your platform with our whitepaper.

Data Labeling Whitepaper
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Live Events and Webinars

We conduct live events and webinars regularly. To check out what's on the horizon and access on-demand recordings of past events featuring trust and safety experts and industry insiders click HERE