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Social Platforms

How We Protect Your Members

You’ve built an engaging social platform that fosters connections between people. Unfortunately, some people would rather cause disruption and harm to others on your platform than make meaningful connections and contributions. Our context-sensing technology helps you identify and respond to bad behaviors as they unfold, across multiple languages and content types.

Hate Speech

64% of teenagers in the United States encountered hate speech on social media in 2018. The same year the FBI reported a 16-year high in hate speech reports. There is no sign of this trend slowing down. This model identifies explicit or suggestive attacks against a person or group based on protected identity classes.

CSAM Grooming

As we’ve written about, child sexual abuse material (CSAM) on the Internet is exploding. Many perpetrators use social platforms to find and exploit victims. This model identifies pedophiles attempting to commit sexual offenses against minors.


Cyberbullying can destroy lives and the fabric of an online community. This model detects the unwanted aggressive behavior.

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The Spectrum Labs Advantage

Context Sensing

Threats can be introduced to your community, and your revenue stream, in the blink of an eye. Your own recommendation algorithms can popularize problematic content. Spectrum operates in real time to smoothly and quickly stop inappropriate behavior.

Evolving AI

A model is only as good as the data it is built on. It only gets better with consistent feedback. Our extensive library of trained models and classifiers is constantly updated with a wide range of trusted data sets.

Resources for Social Network Safety

Throughout the year we examine interesting topics related to Trust & Safety on social networks. These explorations help build a deeper base of knowledge to better serve communities.

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Every year, on February 11th, the world celebrates #SaferInternetDay. It is a chance for us to evaluate what we’ve done to make dating apps safer, and what we're looking to do in the future.

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Human Trafficking Prevention

It is a sad reality that dating apps are used to facilitate trafficking. But, there is hope. We explore what dating apps can do to prevent traffickers from using their features to find, groom and exploit victims. 

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Caste Discrimination

Caste Discrimination, the poor treatment of certain Indian caste members, has made its way onto the Internet. We explore its history and outline ways to safeguard against it.

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