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Positive user experiences are good for business

Spectrum Labs’ solutions help marketing teams boost KPIs like retention and revenue by creating the best experience possible for their users.
Boosting retention and revenue for:

How Spectrum Labs helps marketing teams achieve their goals

Online toxicity can ruin your platform’s brand and business.
  • Illegal content jeopardizes partnerships and even risks total shutdown of your platform.1
  • A toxic reputation negatively impacts your user retention and growth prospects.
  • Negativity makes users more likely to quit your platform — 26% of users on the world’s largest social network have deleted the app off their phone since 2017, and 42% have taken a break of “several weeks or more” from the platform.2

sources:1. Axios 2. Pew Research Center

On the other hand, a positive online environment can drive user retention. New users with positive first-time visits are 6x more likely to return to an online platform.

Spectrum Labs allows you to act on your promises to make your platform a safer and more enjoyable space for users, so marketers can meet their KPI targets.

For example, a major metaverse gaming platform implemented Spectrum Labs’ Guardian and Amplify solutions, and saw significant growth in KPIs within one month, including a 12% increase in average revenue per user (ARPU) and a correlated increase in 4-week retention among new users.

AI-powered community management for a more positive platform

Spectrum Labs’ Guardian and Amplify solutions help you build a safer and more engaging online community for your users.

Guardian uses Contextual AI to recognize both toxic and positive content. This allows you to isolate harmful behavior and incentivize healthy interactions on your platform to give users the best experience possible.

With Guardian, you can:

  • Create a more positive community to drive user retention.
  • Build a more trustworthy brand and reputation as a safe online platform.
  • Boost user retention and ARPU with a more enjoyable user experience.

Amplify by Spectrum Labs can work side-by-side with your existing content moderation tools to boost user engagement, retention, and ARPU by driving more positive user interactions that keep your community happy and active.

With Amplify, you can:

  • Boost KPIs like engagement, revenue, and overall growth.
  • Activate existing users to boost retention by recognizing and rewarding healthy behavior.
  • Increase ARPU by incentivizing positive interactions among users to create a more engaging and enjoyable platform.

By engaging our most friendly and helpful players using Spectrum Labs’ Healthy Behavior AI, we look forward to improving user experiences while increasing retention, engagement, and revenue.

Maura Welch VP of Marketing


Spectrum Labs was extremely easy to integrate. We were up and running in a few days.

Michelle Kennedy CEO and Founder

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Using AI to Recognize and Reward Pro-Social Behaviors

icon-Calendar-white December 1, 2022
icon-schedule-white 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

Hear from industry experts as they discuss the capabilities of content moderation AI and how it can be maximized by platforms, as well as the retention and revenue benefits of its implementation.


Learn more about how Spectrum Labs can help you create the best user experience on your platform.