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Prevent in-game abuse - and improve retention through positive play

Spectrum Labs helps product teams create a safer and more enjoyable online community by driving positive user interaction.
Spreading positivity for

Accurate behavior detection in real time, at scale

Online gaming safety requires an inclusive community.

As gaming becomes more social, game companies need a partner who can help introduce engaging new features and expand their audience to non-traditional players.

Spectrum Labs helps game companies address user behavior that detracts from great player experiences.


Hate Speech

Gaming platforms are expected to identify and respond to hate speech in real time, regardless of what language or channel it is in.

Spectrum Labs improves gaming safety with multi-lingual support to identify hate speech across multiple channels.

Detect and Remove Toxic Content

"81% of Americans want companies to provide more options for people to filter hateful or harassing content."



Context is key to identifying cyberbullies – especially in gaming culture. Between 1337-speak and trash talk, traditional solutions are low on accuracy and high on false positives.

Spectrum Labs helps prevent cyberbullying by using Contextual AI for precise detection and nuanced action.

Cyberbullying Prevention

"59% of teens have been the target of cyberbullying."



Gaming chat rooms get inundated with spam content that disrupts users’ conversations or detours them off your platform. The result is lower user retention, declining user experience, and fewer ad dollars.

Spectrum Labs’ Anti-Spam solution can help you detect spam and bulk action in real time.

Detect and Remove Spam


Custom usernames are vital to keeping your community connected. However, some members flout guidelines and create toxic usernames.

Spectrum Labs customers see a 150% increase in their detection of abusive usernames with 97% precision.

Username Moderation

Scale Your Content Moderation

Use positive behavior to drive retention

Just as negative user behavior can impact your retention and growth, positive user behavior can drive them in the right direction — and Amplify can help.

Amplify is the first-ever AI tool that allows product teams to dynamically pair helpful users with new users to optimize retention and engagement without changing game design or mechanics.


Fuel retention and revenue

Amplify connects your platform’s highest-rated users with new visitors to create more positive user experiences. It is the first-ever retention AI tool able to detect and boost positive behavior that fuels retention, engagement, and revenue.

Amplify has already helped a pilot client with a metaverse platform increase their average revenue per user (ARPU) by +12% within the first 4 weeks of implementation.

Fuel User Retention

Promote positive play among users.

Amplify is the only solution that offers 360-degree analytics into your community (the bad and the good!), so you can isolate toxicity and spread positivity.

Using Contextual AI, Amplify activates existing users to increase retention by recognizing and rewarding healthy behavior. These positive interactions can optimize retention and ARPU and create a more engaging and enjoyable platform — and a safer community.

Promote Positive Play

In Spectrum Labs, we have a partner who is in the trenches with us…we're seeing great results and know our players will experience a significant positive impact on the safety, health, and enjoyment of our games.

Weszt Hart Head of Player Dynamics


Since implementing Spectrum Labs’ toxic content moderation AI, Together Labs has had directionally positive results when comparing retention in moderated and unmoderated rooms.

Maura Welch VP of Marketing

Spectrum Labs has brought a whole new meaning to the word partnership for me.

Aoife McGuiness Trust and Safety Manager

aoife mcguinness

Learn more about how Guardian can scale your moderation and how Amplify can boost your platform’s retention and revenue