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How We Protect Gamers

Gamers of all ages delight in your games. Yet, those who wish to threaten, harass and take advantage of others spoil the fun, and damage your business. Our context-sensing technology makes it easy for you to identify disruptive behaviors and take action.


Questionable organizations target gamers for recruitment. They follow a playbook that slowly, and subtly, radicalizes gamers over time. Our gaming customers use our technology to protect gamers from harmful influence.


Cyberbullying is heartbreaking. Our gaming customers have the power to stop it from happening and to help their community adopt kinder practices.

Hate Speech

This model focuses on the identification of explicit or suggestive attacks against a person or group based on protected identity classes.

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The Spectrum Labs Advantage

Contextually Aware

Complex, disruptive behaviors that plague gaming communities — like radicalization, sexual grooming, harassment, and misogyny — develop over time and aren’t always obvious. We detect these behaviors by evaluating contextual data, like user profile information, conversation history, even time stamps.

Evolving AI

Your community is constantly evolving and you need a solution that changes with it. We help you customize your behavior definitions and manage any retraining for you, so you know what’s happening in your community.

Resources for Gaming Community Safety

Throughout the year we examine interesting topics related to Trust & Safety at Gaming companies. These explorations can help you build a deeper base of knowledge to better serve your community.

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Every year, on February 11th, the world celebrates #SaferInternetDay. It is a chance for us to evaluate what we’ve done to make gaming safer, and what we're looking to do in the future. 

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Cyberbullying is heartbreaking. But, in a world of friendly competition, trash-talking and teasing, how do you prevent it without going overboard? Let’s figure this out together.

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