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moderating multiple languages on user generated platforms

Product Sheet

User-Level Moderation

Moderate on a user-level to stop toxic content at its source. 

A small percent of users generate a large percent of harmful content.  These toxic users evolve their tactics, attempting to evade detection.  There's a better way:  it's more efficient and effective to stop toxic users, than stop each piece of toxic content they produce.

User-level moderation helps you prioritize and take action to stop the worst offenders first, save time, and reduce risks to other users.  Our user reputation scores surface the most toxic users, and also those users most at risk from toxicity.

Expedite and streamline moderation with our user-level tools:
  • Consolidated user view of all flagged behaviors.
  • User reputation scores to prioritize and automate.
  • User-level bulk actions for more impact with fewer clicks.
  • Fully anonymized and privacy compliant.
  • Easy-to-use UI.

Download the product sheet to learn more.

Spectrum Labs User-Level Moderation Product Sheet

Download the Product Sheet