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moderating multiple languages on user generated platforms

White Paper

Moderating Content in

Multiple Languages

Protect your global audience with our patented multi-language content moderation.

Content moderation is fundamental for creating a safe, inclusive online environment.  It can be difficult for online platforms to keep pace with users communicating in more languages and in more regions.

Adding new languages isn't as simple as translation. A term that's harmless in one language can be toxic in another. Translation apps are inaccurate and slow, and miss implied meanings.

With most content moderation solutions, it’s a long, expensive process to add each new language - to hire native speakers and moderators, and build up data sets.  In the meantime, users are unprotected.

Our patented, real-time, automated AI solution helps you scale globally faster, at lower cost, with better results.

Discover how AI content moderation can:

  • Quickly scale support for new languages
  • Continue learning to improve results
  • Eliminate keyword filters, cost and complexity

Download the white paper, and extend Trust & Safety benefits to your non-English language users.

Multi-Language Moderation Whitepaper

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