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What do we do?

Spectrum Labs uses the power of AI, data, and community to help online platforms thrive.

We make online communities safer for users and more valuable for businesses. With our AI solutions, we help platforms scale their content moderation to remove harmful content and boost positive interactions.

Our ethos is simple: “Less of the bad, more of the good.”


How do we do it?

Spectrum Labs’ industry-leading Contextual AI works across any language to remove harmful content that keyword-based solutions miss. Their Guardian suite can find hard-to-detect illegal behavior and toxic content like child grooming, radicalization, bullying, and hate speech. As a result, online companies can reduce critical business risks, maintain compliance with government safety regulations,and keep vulnerable populations safe on their platforms.

Additionally, Contextual AI can be used to incentivize healthy behavior and positive user interactions on a platform. Spectrum Labs’ Amplify solution recognizes helpful, encouraging, and friendly users who can be further activated to boost first-time engagement and retention among new visitors. A healthy community is good for business – new users with positive first-time visits are 6x more likely to return to an online platform.

Contextual AI also features user-level moderation to pinpoint the relatively few users who create the bulk of illegal content. By leveraging user reputation scores,Trust & Safety teams can isolate their platform’s most toxic users and refer them for action. This allows content moderation to work in a more efficient manner by detecting illegal content at the source rather than chasing individual posts.

For community insight, Contextual AI shows what users and customers really think. With its 360° analytics, Contextual AI analyzes positive and negative behavior to better parse online sentiment. Brand CPS Insights leverages the power of Spectrum Labs’ natural language processing to identify cohorts of online promoters and detractors, or find recurring themes in negative and positive comments to help companies make better informed business decisions.

Behavior Detection at Scale

We help businesses scale through automating content and user moderation, scale through managing complexity with confidence and through our real-time API providing billions of determinations and decisions in 20 milliseconds every day.

Scale: Automation

Scale: Automation

Set automated actions for repetitive content to efficiently manage millions of active users without needing as many human moderators to review toxic posts.

Scale: Complexity

Scale: Complexity

Our Advanced Behavior Solutions can manage different languages, geographic regions, behaviors, government regulations, and nuanced rules for actioning.


Scale: Real-Time

Our API processes billions of requests a day, and can provide a determination and content action tags within 20 milliseconds. The result? You can action content before it gets posted.

Transformer neural networks

Transformer Neural Networks

Transformer neural networks excel at learning from large data sets. We combine transformer models with our data vault of user-generated content to create a smarter AI for online communities.


Data Vault

Our solutions are trained on one of the largest data vaults in the industry, with highly specialized data sets pulling user-generated content from platforms and languages worldwide.


Healthy Behaviors

Don’t just detect harmful behavior. Recognize and incentivize healthy user interactions to drive KPIs like retention, engagement, revenue, and overall growth.


Real-Time Decisions and Webhooks

Implement decisions on content in real time, and use rule-based webhooks to set highly nuanced action automations on content and users.


Trust & Safety Expertise

Spectrum Labs have cultivated a community of 1,000+ Trust & Safety professionals to share real-world insight on the latest issues related to online safety.

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Performance Warranty

Spectrum Labs is the only Trust & Safety vendor with a warranty. This performance guarantee is underwritten by Munich Re Group, a cyber insurance leader. 


Our Customers


Online communities are vast and diverse. Similarly, we believe the people who help build Spectrum Labs should come from a variety of backgrounds and expertise.

Our partners span a wide range of fields, from gaming and dating to cloud computing and data science. We only trust the best, and our partners help us create the best solutions possible.

Our Team

Spectrum Labs’ team comes from a background steeped in AI, data science, and customer service. Our staff have a lengthy track record of innovation and client success, and we bring that same expertise to building better online communities through our work at Spectrum Labs.

Our Team
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Our Co-Founders

Justin Davis Co-Founder & CEO

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Justin Davis left the 800-person town where he grew up and was working his way through college (comp sci) at Best Buy when a Cisco executive to whom he’d sold a TV insisted he come to interview for a job. Justin got the job, which began a career in tech at a series of successful machine learning startups. He now runs the leading Natural Language Understanding AI company whose content moderation products protect billions of people from toxic content daily across gaming, dating apps, social media and messaging platforms.

As co-founder and CEO of Spectrum Labs, Justin leads a diverse team of technologists, data scientists, AI ethicists, linguists, machine learning engineers and trust & safety professionals to harness the power of AI and community to build a better, safer, more inclusive and more valuable internet.

Prior to founding Spectrum, Justin was the first product executive at Krux (acq by Salesforce), a data management & privacy company, where he led R&D efforts on new products related to data labeling, ML applications, and privacy-safe data sharing. Justin has also held Solutions Architecture, Sales Engineering, and BD roles at data-driven companies such as aiMatch (acq by SAS), Adobe, and Atlas (acq by MSFT).

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Josh Newman Co-Founder & CTO

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Josh Newman started in avionics in the 90s before spending years in academia studying radicalism, terrorism, and WMD proliferation for the Center for Nonproliferation Studies at Middlebury. He then transitioned industries where he has built a reputation as a technical leader and asymmetric individual contributor.

As a Senior Architect at Krux, he routinely built systems that handled internet scale (billions of devices per month), worked on pipelines that processed petabytes of data, and drove large technical teams to success. Josh Co-Founded and currently serves as the CTO at Spectrum Labs, the leader in Natural Language Understanding AI content moderation in gaming.

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Meet Some of Our AI & NLP Experts


Matt Soeth

Head of Trust & Safety


Kris Mcguffie

Extremism and Disinformation Researcher


Hill Stark, PhD

Manager of Data Analytics


Jonathan Purnell, PhD

VP of Data Science


Zac Cogley, PhD

Senior Solutions Consultant and AI Ethicist


Devanshi Bhatt

Senior Data Scientist


Othmane Rifki, PhD

Principal Applied Scientist



Spectrum Labs is always looking for new teammates to help us make the Internet a better place. We are receptive to anyone who wants to help use AI for the greater good – whether their background is in programming, data, research, or marketing.

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We are a remote-first company that values your skills more than your location.


We offer robust health and wellness benefits, along with financial stipends to make it easier for you to thrive.

Our core team values sum it up best:

  • Trust: We put faith in each other to deliver the best solutions possible.
  • Grit: We live up to our commitments and work through obstacles.
  • Growth: We excitedly seek out new opportunities and enthusiastically live up to our commitments, and work through obstacles.
  • Passion: We're fueled by a powerful desire to make online communities better and safe.
  • Collaboration: We thrive when working with one another and our customers to build, support and deliver best-in-class technology.

If this sounds like you, check out current openings!


Senior Software Engineer

You are an engineer who revels in designing simple systems to solve complex problems and are interested in picking up cutting edge technologies like scala, akka, grpc and play framework to build scalable web applications and services. You like solving new problems and thrive in a rapidly innovating space.


Bilingual Labeling and
Language Operations

At Spectrum, data labeling and data operations are a critical part of model development. Data is the fuel that powers our Al engine, enabling us to help make the internet a safer and more civil place. As part of the data operations team, you’ll get an insider’s perspective on Al development while tackling a global, complex problem.
The Labeling and Language Operations Intern is a work-from-home, part-time, paid role helping the data operations team.

Apply by sending your resume to Alyssa Ramirez.

French and Japanese Data Labelers

Labeling data is a critical part of model development. You’ll be labeling data sets from the comfort of your own home. Think of this opportunity as a way to pick up extra income on the side while developing an insider's perspective on AI development.



You’re currently enrolled in a degree program and looking for some practical experience (either in data science, engineering, product, sales or marketing) to help you weather this weird situation we all find ourselves in.


Part-time Researcher and Language Consultant (Remote)

You have great open-source, online research skills and a deep understanding of online discourse. You understand informal online language use and memes, and you enjoy social media, gaming, or other types of online communities. You care about making safer, healthier communities online. You have native or near-native proficiency in one or more of the following languages: Indonesian, Thai, Korean, German, Portuguese, and Levantine Arabic.



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