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White Paper

Boost User Retention by

Promoting Healthy &

Positive Behaviors

Learn more about boosting user retention by cultivating healthy behaviors among users. 

With some 40% of users who have been exposed to harassment saying they’ve abandoned a platform, the solution is clear:  platforms that focus on promoting positive behavior see more growth and engagement, and will attract more advertisers.

In this white paper, we explore the benefits of promoting healthy & positive behaviors within your online platform - from research to roadmap, to revenue.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • Removing toxic behaviors and encouraging positive behavior can positively affect user retention and the bottom line.
  • Adding new behaviors to your content moderation solution requires research, data analysis, data labeling, model training, and more.
  • Contextual AI increases the accuracy rate of toxic and positive behavior detection by looking at both the content and context.
  • User and room reputation scores drive automated actions that help scale the amount of content your team can cover.
  • Analytics measures the impact and ROI of user experience solutions on user retention and engagement.
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