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Hate Speech

& Extremism

Hate speech has the potential to create real-wold violence and chase users away from online platforms. 

The difficulty of moderating hate speech and extremism online stems from the difficulty of keeping up with keyword list management from evolving real-world current events, expansion of users from new languages and regions, and a lack of user reporting.

Spectrum Labs has partnered with CTEC: Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism to develop our hate speech and radicalization detection solutions. Working with CTEC helped Spectrum Labs create AI solutions that proactively analyzes trends, foreign languages, social networks and adversarial behaviors.

Our patented, real-time, automated AI solution:

  • Moderates content across languages and regions.
  • Continually updates with new user behavior and real-world events to improve results.
  • Provides user-level action.
  • Analytics and insights into what's happening on your platform.

Download the solution guide to learn more.

FINAL  Hate Speech & Extremism  Solution Guide

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