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Hate Speech

& Extremism

Hate speech drives users away from online platforms

and has the potential to create real-world violence. 

Online communities want to prevent hate speech and extremism, but users rarely report these incidents.  Most solutions rely on keyword lists that need constant updating to keep pace with fast-evolving behaviors.  When users join platforms from new regions and languages, moderation blind spots can occur.

Spectrum Labs partnered with CTEC: Center on Terrorism, Extremism and Counterterrorism at Middlebury Institute of International Studies to develop our hate speech and radicalization detection solutions.

Our experts on staff continuously update detection AI to reflect current events and changing user behaviors that move from the fringe to the mainstream.

Our real-time, automated AI solution:

  • Analyzes conversational intent and adapts as behavior patterns change.
  • Provides immediate coverage across regions with a patented multi-language approach.
  • Enables efficient user-level action for the few bad actors.
  • Creates visibility into what's happening on your platform through analytics. 

Download the solution guide to learn more.

FINAL  Hate Speech & Extremism  Solution Guide

Download the Solution Guide