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moderating multiple languages on user generated platforms

Solution Guide

Healthy Behaviors AI

Spectrum Labs Healthy Behaviors AI gives platforms a 360 view of user behaviors so you can remove the bad and amplify the good.

Healthy Behaviors AI by Spectrum Labs is the only content moderation solution that encourages healthy user behaviors with AI detection, analytics, and action so that Trust & Safety leaders can improve user experiences and increase retention, engagement, and revenue.

Our experts on staff continuously update detection AI to reflect changing user behaviors that move from the fringe to the mainstream.

Our contextual AI solution:

  • Provides 360 visibility across toxic and positive user behaviors through analytics.
  • Match new visitors with rooms and users who have positive reputation scores for better first visits.
  • Identify and rewards users to increase overall retention and ARPU.
  • Tracks ROI on content moderation solutions with analytics and reporting.

Download the solution guide to learn more.

Spectrum Labs Healthy Behaviors

Download the Solution Guide