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moderating multiple languages on user generated platforms

Solution Guide

Online Child Safety

Spectrum Lab's contextual AI solutions scale coverage across languages and behaviors to protect your platform's underage users.

Spectrum Lab's solutions combine AI detection, analytics, and action so that Trust & Safety leaders can detect underage users and protect them from toxic and illegal behaviors.

Our experts on staff continuously update detection AI to reflect changing user behaviors that move from the fringe to the mainstream. We work directly with your team to build transparency reports with the data and analytics we provide to measure the impact on user retention and engagement.

Our contextual AI solution:

  • Finds under 13 users, even those lying about their age.
  • Detects Illegal behaviors such as CSAM, solicitation of sex, and solicitation of drugs to help platforms keep COPPA compliant.
  • Provides user-level moderation and actions to remove more harmful content faster.
  • Report on increased user retention and engagement with Spectrum Labs analytics and reporting.
  • Work with Spectrum Labs' trust and safety experts to create transparency reports.

Download the solution guide to learn more.

online child safety

Download the Solution Guide