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Protect Children Online with the Power of People & Technology

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Joyce Souza COO, Kinzoo
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Parthvi Shah Senior Data Scientist Spectrum Labs
Shai Samet Founder and President, kidSAFE Seal Program

Online communities for adults present challenges in ensuring child safety and privacy. Companies must integrate safety-by-design across departments, including product development, content moderation, and COPPA-compliant advertising. Key aspects of online child safety involve human review, automated actioning, proactive content removal, and transparent reporting.




Online communities created for adults will still have children find a way to get access, including lying about their age. Online child safety and privacy affects all departments across a company, including Trust & Safety, tech, product, and marketing, but in different ways. 

Product teams build new features and products with a safety-by-design approach, using metadata and contextual AI to detect illegal and complex behaviors like CSAM and child grooming to keep compliant and humans in the loop to increase detection accuracy.

Trust & Safety teams can then focus on building a better user experience, starting with an actioning plan. User actioning built for scale, automated removal of harmful content, human review for severe and illegal cases, and a scalable process for reporting illegal users. 

With the tech, product, and trust & safety teams set up to keep children safe on the platform, marketing can build a COPPA-compliant targeted advertising strategy. Without the processes, the company could be at risk for non-compliance and damage to its brand reputation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Human review vs. automated actioning, proactive content removal, reporting illegal behavior, transparency in data
  • Ad targeting strategy, preventing access to violent content, cross-department collaboration, age detection, brand safety
  • Privacy and safety by design, detecting grooming/CSAM/illegal behaviors, using metadata and contextual AI for accurate detection

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