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Master Class

Safety by Design: Empowering Impactful Collaboration for User Safety

Recorded on June 22nd, 2023
sameer-hinduja-fau-new-headshot-1-cropped - Sameer Hinduja
Sameer Hinduja Co-Director, Cyberbullying Research Center
Logan Newkirk Trust and Safety Operations, YikYak
Sharon Fisher Head of Trust and Safety, Keywords Studios
Mike Sullivan Senior Director Of Engineering, Spectrum Labs

Join us for a master class about the proactive approach of safety by design, essential for both startups preparing to launch and established organizations expanding their product offerings. Discover how implementing a safety-by-design framework for content moderation, regulatory compliance, and product expansion can minimize risks, safeguard users, and enhance product integrity.

Our expert speakers will share best practices and insights on utilizing a safety-by-design framework regardless of the size of your company. Explore the integration of safety by design principles into new product features, game offerings, and user-generated content platforms like ChatGPT. Additionally, learn about the advantages and considerations of building an in-house safety framework versus utilizing third-party solutions. This knowledge will empower you to make informed decisions aligned with your company's resources and long-term safety objectives. 

  • What does safety by design look like for startups vs. enterprise companies.
  • Purpose of safety by design approach to developing app and app features
  • How to develop a safety-by-design. approach for regulatory compliance.
  • Developing safety by design for new product features and offerings, new games, etc, and new forms of UGC like ChatGPT.
  • Build vs. buy for implementing a safety-by-design approach.

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