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Product sheet

Spectrum Labs Guardian & Amplify AI

Spectrum Labs harnesses the power of data, AI, and community to build a better Internet, making it a safer, more valuable place for businesses, consumers, and societies. As the leader in natural language understanding AI, Spectrum Labs scales the coverage and quality of content moderation while reducing costs and keeping billions of users safe online.

Spectrum Labs industry-leading use of contextual AI provides customers with:

  • Patented AI multi-language approach to add new languages quickly and easily.
  • The ability to capture difficult-to-detect toxic and illegal content such as child grooming, radicalization, bullying, and hate speech that keyword-based solutions miss.
  • The only healthy behaviors AI, to detect the most helpful, encouraging, and friendly users.
  • Actioning such as real-time, user-level, automated redaction, shadow banning, and more so platforms can scale content moderation coverage.
  • Implementation with your current in-house solution through API or Webhook.
  • Data and analytics to report on ROI, and for building transparency reports.

Maura Welch VP of Marketing

“By engaging our most friendly and helpful players using Spectrum Labs’ Healthy Behavior AI, we look forward to improving user experiences while increasing retention, engagement and revenue.”


“We turned to Spectrum Labs to algorithmically moderate names and stream descriptions across our communities, and we saw dramatic and instant improvement.”

Weszt Hart Head of Player Dynamics at Riot Games

Spectrum Labs’ platform enabled us to more confidently detect when in-text disruptive behavior has occurred, which led to 3.3 million time-based penalties in 2021."