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moderating multiple languages on user generated platforms

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Stay ahead of spammers on your platform.


Spammers try to distract your users with commercial messages or lure them offsite. Spam disturbs user conversations, puts users at risk and erodes the quality of their experiences. Spammers are financially motivated to evolve tactics to stay just below your detection threshold.

Most spam solutions rely on keywords and RegEx rules. These miss violations and cause false positives that punish the innocent and create extra work for your moderators. They struggle to keep up with spammers.

Our sophisticated, configurable AI detects the most disruptive spam problems first and helps you take effective action. We make it unrewarding for spammers to continue operating on your platform.

Discover how our spam solution can:

  • Flag repetitive messages and identify attempts to lure users offsite.
  • Find spam that other solutions miss using Contextual AI with metadata (account creation date, frequency, etc.).
  • Handle emojis and l33tspeak and evolve with changing spammer strategies.
  • Ghost comments and shadow-ban accounts to avoid alerting spammers.
  • Enable user-level action for greater impact with less effort.
  • Keep users on your platform and engaged.

Download the Spam Solution Guide, and learn about a better way to remove spam from your platform.

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Download the Solution Guide