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The Brief: Prioritizing online safety and privacy for kids

By Lee Davis


This episode of The Brief originally aired on May 16, 2020. You can watch the live recording on YouTube.

On Episode 16 of The Brief, we talk to Sean Herman, Founder of Kinzoo – a "kid-tech" messaging platform focused on kids' online safety and digital privacy. Kinzoo empowers parents and families to raise the next generation of digital citizens by offering safe and informed ways to incorporate technology into kids' lives.

As a father, Sean witnessed some issues with his daughter's early experiences with the internet. He wanted his daughter to have a safer, more secure online messaging platform that was specifically designed for with kids' best interests in mind. When he couldn't find the platform he was looking for, he decided to build his own – Kinzoo.

Kinzoo is an all-in-one messenger app that turns screen time into family time. Kinzoo users can exchange videos, pictures, text messages and audio with family and close friends without encountering the same safety and privacy risks that other messaging platforms tend to present to kids.

Sean is also the author of a best-selling book, Screen Captured: Helping Families Explore the Digital World in the Age of Manipulation. His book helps parents understand the pros and cons of technology for kids. He outlines how parents can give their children access to the best parts of the internet without putting their safety and security at risk.

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- Sean Herman, Founder, Kinzoo (LinkedIn)
- Hosted by: Meredith Reed

Watch the live recording Episode 16 of The Brief on YouTube.

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