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Spectrum Labs Pillars to Empower Safe, Inclusive, Engaged Communities

By Katie Zigelman

At Spectrum Labs, we design products to empower customers to reach their Trust & Safety goals and keep their communities safe, inclusive, and engaged. Whether our customers need complete end-to-end Trust & Safety infrastructure, including our behavior identification engine and complete workflow toolset, or model results through a simple API, we’ve got it covered.

Our products are based on three pillars that guide every decision we make at Spectrum Labs:
1. Completeness
2. Timeliness
3. Wellness

1. Completeness: Thorough end-to-end Trust & Safety infrastructure

Gain accurate behavior identification results you can trust alongside sophisticated workflow tools. Our complete solution can either augment your existing Trust & Safety efforts or provide the full suite of what’s needed to keep your community safe and engaged.

Built from an expansive cross-industry data vault

AI is only as good as the data you train it with. We have invested heavily in building up a robust data vault spanning industries, languages, behaviors, etc., with diverse data to prevent machine learning bias. We’ve labeled data with guidance from expert partners (such as CTEC, Small Arms Survey, etc.) and customer moderator actions.

40+ behaviors detected across languages and content types

We know our customers need more than just a “toxic” flag to keep a community safe, so our data vault fuels a behavior library of 40+ models. To see the complete picture of what’s happening on your platform and react accordingly, you need to know how prevalent individual behaviors are. And these behaviors aren’t limited to just text and just English. Spectrum’s patent-pending international language support approach has your global audience covered across all supported languages and content types, including chats, usernames, comments, and more.

Get the Whitepaper: Content Moderation in Multiple Languages

2. Timeliness: Intercept problematic content before it’s published

With sub-100ms response times, our behavior identification returns real-time results so you can prevent harmful and disruptive content from publishing on your platform. Empower your Trust & Safety teams to prevent objectionable situations that can negatively impact your community, brand reputation, and ad revenue.

Educate and shape user experience in the moment

Don’t wait to punish a user until after the fact. Our fast response time allows our customer teams to respond in real-time with educational messages to shape the user experience. Nudge and reward users to impact behavior and encourage a more positive community. This process works for both curbing harmful behaviors and encouraging positive ones.

Prioritize the review of urgent cases first

Ensure your moderator teams review the top priority cases as quickly as possible through real-time detection and a prioritized case queue. Especially with self-harm or physical threats, it’s critical to review and respond within minutes, not days.

Timeliness is also essential for model iterations. Our customers can quickly update a model to reflect new harmful behavior trends (e.g., players using George Floyd in usernames).

Read the blog: Platforms Need More than Profanity Filters to Stop Online Extremism and Harassment

3. Wellness: Enhance the moderator experience

Trust & Safety is a tough job. It’s especially hard on moderators and individuals who have the weight of their platform’s community on their shoulders. At Spectrum Labs, we design our products with the goal of making moderators’ lives better. These efforts shine within our UI which ensures productivity, efficiency and highlights wellness with reminders of impact and more.

Accurate results enable automation

With accurate behavior detection through contextual AI and powerful workflow tools, our customers can automate many actions so that they skip the human review process. This process limits the volume of toxic content moderators are exposed to so they can focus on the cases that matter – the grey areas and escalations. Empower your moderators to spend time thinking critically while protecting their mental health.

Robust community & strategic partnerships for support and expertise

In today’s day and age of Trust & Safety, teams need to become experts on an overwhelming number of behaviors and regulations. Spectrum’s large and passionate community can help overcome challenges by sharing industry best practices. We’ve built up a deep knowledge vault to provide even better support for our customers.

See our tools in action. Request a demo.

Take positive action against toxicity and see an immediate impact, with better accuracy, reliability, and efficiency in content moderation. Our end-to-end offering helps you:

  • Improve user experience
  • Reduce churn
  • Increase revenue
  • Safeguard brand reputation

Request a demo to see how you can improve brand and user safety with an innovative, adaptive, AI-driven solution from Spectrum Labs. 

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